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Streamlining the value chain of advertising using the power of AI
Advertising today:
drowning in a sea of data
In today's advertising landscape, data sources are plentiful, yet it's problematic finding a way to put all this data to good use. Most advertising agencies still manually select their channels and aggregate results in cumbersome pivot tables. The process is slow, inefficient and prone to human error. This breaks down the value chain and creates dissatisfaction for all ecosystem participants: suppliers, buyers, clients, and customers.

In order to survive in today's digital economy, advertising agencies and marketers must efficiently manage, organize, and utilize thousands of data sources. Media planners and buyers need a secure way to access them and an efficient workflow to utilize the data.
we are here to help
We connect all of your data sources into a single hub and provide flexible permissions management system.
The AI powered recommendation engine supplies decision points extracted from the data which media planners lever to accelerate strategic planning and to streamline plan execution.
How it works
We provide value at each step of your agency account management lifecycle
  • Replicate your organization structure with our versatile user management system
  • Connect your data providers and ad platforms to our integration hub
  • Delegate access to user groups or revoke permissions in a click
  • Set up a schedule and data types to sync from your connectors
  • Compile a unified dataset made of aggregated reports or raw data
  • Export the dataset to your BI system
  • Upload your strategic media plan or create it from scratch in the interface
  • Leverage suggested decision points to optimize budget structure
  • Get your buying plan generated automatically based on the strategic input
  • Export line items to your campaign management system
Meet our team
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Arsen Revazov
Ilya Gubarev
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Timur Lukin
Co-Founder, Head of development
Alla Levin
Co-Founder, Business Development Director
Evgeny Marshunin
Product Manager
Nikolay Zhuchenko
Co-Founder, Financial adviser
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